New Racisms: Forms of Un/Belonging in Britain Today 2014

8:45 – 9:15

Silverstone House
Social Space




Professor Sally Munt & Dr Linda Morrice

9:15 – 9:30

Refuges and asylum seekers in the UK

Dr. Lisa Doyle from Refugee Council

9:30 – 10:30 Room

Plenary 1

Prof. Les Back
Sunder Katwala, Director of British Future

10:30 –10:50


10:50 – 12:30


Panel 1:
Social Integration
(Parallel with Panel 2 & 3)

Chair:  TBC

Dr Aleksandra Kazlowska, Institute for Research into Super-Diversity, University of Birmingham.
Social Anchoring in a Super-Diverse Society

Charles Leddy-Owen
, University of Portsmouth.

Living Outside the Fence: Migration and Nation in the Vicinity of an Immigration Removal Centre

Stephanie Polsky,
Priority Citizenship: Whiteness and Neoliberal Post-Racism. 


Dr Richard Wilkins, Baruch College, City University of New York.
Optimal Forms of Virtue and Sensibility of the Modern British Subject


10:50 – 12:30

Panel 2:
Literature and The Arts

(Parallel with Panels 1 & 3)

Chair: Lyn Thomas

Melanie Friend  photographer, University of Sussex

Ratika Kaushik,
University of Sussex,

Migrating margins: Performing identity post 9/11

Áine O’Brien &  Almir Koldzic,
Counterpoints Arts.
Staging and Producing Refugee and Migrant-Led Arts

Pietra Palazzolo, The Open University.

“Nobody will feel fully at home”: A “New world Order” in Phillips’ A Distant Shore

10:50 – 12:30

Panel 3:
Citizenship / Unbelonging
(Parallel with Panels 1 & 2)

Chair:  Dr Linda Morrice

Dr Nilufar Ahmed, Cardiff University.
The citizenship quest: The emergence of political belonging through emotional belonging

Dr Ellie Byrne,
Manchester University.

Trick Questions: Hospitality and the Old/New Citizenship test.

Tony Capstick,
Lancaster University.
UK Language, Migration and Belonging in the Transnational Literacy Practices of a Mirpuri Family

Anne-Marie Fortier, Lancaster University.

Citizenship and the psychic lives of policy: reflections on new forms of un/belonging in the British citizenship attribution process

12:30  – 1:30


1:30  – 2:30


Plenary 2
Chair: Prof Sally Munt

David Goodhart, Demos
Prof. Mary Hickman,
St Mary's University, London

2:30 – 4:10


Panel 4:
Everyday Racism
(Parallel with Panel 5)

 Dr Linda Morrice

Dr Hannah Jones, University of Warwick.
Whose Home? Resonances of exclusion and solidarity in Home Office migration campaigns

Anita Naughton
, National University of Ireland, Galway.
Everyday racism in the West of Ireland: exclusionary experiences of perceived ‘others’.

Ben Pitcher, University of Westminster.

Where does anti-racism go from here?


Emma Pratchett, WWU Munster.
Scales of legality, sites of belonging

2:30 – 4:10

Panel 5:
Media Representation
(Parallel with Panel 4)

Chair:  Nicola Streeten Plowman

Daniel Burdsey, University of Brighton,

Mo Farah, Britishness and the London 2012 Olympics: a “new” politics of multiculturalism or the same “old” exclusions?


Dr Brian Chama, London Metropolitan University.

Race and contention in Britain’s tabloid journalism:

Making sense of black and criminality


Anita Howarth & Yasmin Ibrahim,  Brunel University.

The Non-Human Interest Story: De-Personalising the Jungle


Alexandra Scherer, University of Portsmouth,

‘Religion is... good for you,  perhaps wearing the burqua would be good for you to do in your religion’:  children's faithed literacies, morality, and  hierarchies of belonging.

4:10 – 4:30


4:30 – 5:30 Room

Closing  panel discussion
Chair:  Prof. Sally Munt

Prof. Les Back
Lisa Doyle
David Goodhart
Prof. Mary Hickman

Sunder Katwala

5:30 onwards