Project Aims

busLife in the UK: Exploring British Culture is a Sussex University research project that has a set of defined academic principles:

Research Questions

  1. How do we study the experience of arts and culture? Given that values are always contextualized and temporalized, what can we say about the phenomenological moment of arts/cultural experience? How do participants become mobilized and affected?
  2. How are British cultural values perceived, negotiated, consumed, enacted and performed by socially excluded or subaltern groups? How can cultural values and a sense of belonging work together to produce citizens (or non-citizens), in dominant and subaltern ways?

 Research Objectives

We intend to establish an interdisciplinary framework that will contribute original insights to:

  1. the embodied, experiential, and phenomenological value of arts/cultural engagement
  2. the acquisition and reproduction of cultural values as a process of acculturation
  3. the mobilization of ‘outsider within’ perspectives whilst inside cultural consumption (the ‘look aslant’)
  4. the invention of cultural values, through dialogic methods of comparison and exchange, which may have public policy impacts

In addition we will improve existing knowledge of:

  1. wellbeing outcomes in arts/culture participation, by under-researched and often traumatized subjects
  2. how cultural participation can enhance reflexivity and social cohesion for fractured identities
  3. refugee experience and formations of identity, including British identity (which is itself under-researched)
  4. and we will use formative and summative assessment to advance the methods by which we can evaluate such cultural engagements by combining approaches from the arts, social sciences, and science.